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Supporting Talented Children in Sport

The Backflip Foundation is an independent not-for-profit foundation founded and run by Backflip Gymnastic Centres. The foundation offers selected children free places at their local Backflip Centre where our unique syllabus is used to help develop their physical and social skills and bring out their true potential.

The foundation aims to provide up to 40 full foundation places each year.  We are currently inviting applications from the parents/ carers of 4-12 Year old children who would benefit from the classes but are prevented from attending by financial constraints. In particular children from disadvantaged backgrounds who are either: 

Shy, unconfident and unfocused

Lacking in physical activity and movement

Gifted and talented in the sports arena

Please click here for more information on the Foundations Evaluation and Monitoring Process.

Bursary application forms can be downloaded here.

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